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Do you have what it takes to journey into the dungeon? To take on foul beasts in search of treasure, glory, and the fate of the world? Well, you probably don't if you haven't had a balanced breakfast! Or lunch! Or second breakfast! 

That's where CONSUMO comes in. Your job is to keep the adventurers nice and fed throughout their battles. The meals you cook for them can heal them or enhance their attributes, or both if you concoct the right recipes! Feel free to cook up whatever your heart desires, but certain ingredients will only change certain stats! 

Welcome to the pre-alpha! Wow!!! What's available now is a free demo that includes a tutorial and a basic level. We have a lot more ideas on what we want to include in this game, but we finally got a playable version out, and development will be continuing into the future. Be sure to check here for updates!

This demo build only only contains one fight and one cooking vessel. More are on the way!


  • WASD - move player/throw direction
  • SPACE - jump
  • LEFT CLICK - hold/throw left item
  • RIGHT CLICK - hold/throw right item
  • SHIFT - precise aim
  • E - interact/chop food
  • Q - inventory (super not finished, currently only works with mouse and keyboard)
  • ESC - pause

There is gamepad support, but it's currently limited. Thank you for your patience. 

List of Known Bugs:

  • If gamepad is used, unplugging mid game will crash the game.
  • Soups will sometimes render in front of dialog boxes.
  • On second playthough, musical cues do not work.
  • If you try to throw an ingredient while standing next to a pot that's cooking something, your ingredient will go into the pot and the recipe being cooked will fall to the floor.
  • Wall/corner collision errors.
  • Food will continue to cook (and burn) during cutscenes.

I expect this list will grow some time soon. If you notice any while playing, please let us know!


Director: Charles Painter

Lead Programmer: Seth Burchfield 

Character/Enemy Design: Myung Sub Cho 

Quality Testing: Jackson Moore

Menu Design: Phillip Jauregui 

Combat Design: Zac Chin

Player Design: Joshua Wyatt


Seth Burchfield 

Jackson Moore 

Phillip Jauregui 

Zac Chin 

Charles Painter


Myung Sub Cho 

Joshua Wyatt

Seth Burchfield


Johnny Wagner 

Seth Burchfield


Jackson Moore 

Joshua Wyatt 

Jason Karnes 

Seth Burchfield

Charles Painter


Charles Painter

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTeam TreeFish
GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, cooking, Funny

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract it, and run the .exe! Should be that simple!


CONSUMO Demo 0.1.zip 34 MB

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