Back in Action

The CONSUMO team is back in action this semester and ready to really change things up! We've gotten a lot of feedback from testers and friends from the game, and we're ready to start looking at what we have with a critical eye and changing things for the funner!

Expect an updated version of CONSUMO some time within the coming months. What? That's vague! Yeah, it is, but we've got a lot to work on and a lot of (potentially fundamental) things to change. This past week I've been working on bug fixes for Demo 0.1. I've managed to get most of what I've noticed fixed, but what I've also come to realize is that some things that feel like bugs are actually the game behaving... as we intended. Ingredients being sucked into empty pots just for being too close, raw soups cascading into your hands, throwing where the mouse is sometimes and then other times throwing in the direction you're moving! Yikes!

So that's why we're taking a closer look at what we want the game to be and how we want its core mechanics to work. We're all about making the game more fun. Before this demo everything had been conceptual. It was a blast to make and I'm still proud of what we put out. A bunch of complete greenhorns came together, pooled their resources, and made a game. Turns out that game could be a lot better, and now that we have it in our hands (warts and all) we're noticing what is and isn't fun. So it might be that the next time you see CONSUMO, it's a totally different beast! Or maybe a similar-looking beast with some significant core changes.

But! We may still drop a Demo 0.1.1 complete with bug fixes so that we can let others download the game for feedback without their food cooking during cutscenes (or soups rendering in front of the dialog, or unskippable cutscenes, or it being way too hard to beat). 

Keep an eye out, and thanks for the support!


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