New Demo Coming Soon!

If you caught up on our last update, you'll remember that we had a whole lot of new plans going forward. That hasn't changed! CONSUMO Demo 0.2 is slated for launch on December 2, 2019. This new update is planned to have a slew of new features and elements, as well as play completely differently. So what has changed?

Reduction of Scope

The original CONSUMO demo was playable on both mouse and keyboard and gamepad. Our original goal was to let players find a way to play however they wanted. Keeping the game playable on a controller also allowed for console release. The problem was in implementation. Our goal of making a fast-paced, fluid platformer where players had to quickly aim, throw, and manage their inventory wasn't shaping the same way on both approaches. On gamepad, it was difficult to find a way to let players maneuver and aim. Though the controller had two sticks, moving, jumping, and grabbing made aiming with the right stick impossible, and aiming with the left stick manipulated motion, which also was a no-go. This wasn't an issue in our keyboard-based method, where throwing was based on where the mouse was in relation to the player, so movement was totally independent. 

We've decided to roll with the keyboard-only approach, as the freedom of the mouse allows for a lot of really good-feeling seamless gameplay. We really debated and deliberated over this decision for a long time - each approach had pros and cons, but we've decided on keyboard throwing. Since we got on track with this, we've been speeding forward.

Cooking With Newton

Another striking change is how our holdable objects behave. We've used GameMaker's built-in physics system that's based more on Newtonian physics. Now, ingredients roll and slide after they're been thrown (instead of just stopping when they hit the ground). The chef now moves like the previous post hinted he would - with more weight, acceleration, and friction. We've also added a nice dash that lets the chef zip around in the air! It makes platforming and throwing a lot more fast and fluid.

If you remember from our last build, we had six changeable values for food. Health, Attack, Defense, Speed, Elemental Attack, and Elemental Defense. We haven't implemented elemental attacks yet (though I'm excited to start working on that - lots of fun possibilities there). They're still planned, but for now we're dropping Elemental Attack and Defense in an attempt to simplify a game that's growing increasingly complex. Ingredients and meals can now modify Health, Attack, Defense, and Speed (or HADS, as we call it). We hope this'll be a lot simpler for players to remember, and it also gives us ways to work with how the players will interact with enemies. These four stats can also easily be applied to the chef (more on that later). 

Boss Battle

Another major change to design philosophy is in how the battles in the dungeons will work. We met up to try to plan out enemy and adventurer behavior. Who will the adventurers target? Who will the enemies target? Will they attack the chef? This became a sticky issue, so we've decided on a new approach. CONSUMO is a more boss-based game now - each floor the adventurers will have to face off against a unique big bad. Not only that, but the boss will also be able to attack and kill the player too!

Because of this new system, we've given the players the ability to eat their own food and buff themselves. This is still very much a work in progress, but players will be able to heal, have more defense, move faster, and throw farther by using buffs. So, not only will the player have to monitor their adventurers, they'll have to cook for themselves, too! 

And Much Much More!

There's a ton more we could share - but I wanted to show you what we're working on bringing you in December. We thought long and hard about our last demo. What did we like? What did we not like? That's what's been shaping this new demo that hopefully we can build an entire platforming, cooking adventure on! Stay with us, there's more to come!


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